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Advanced Diagnostics for Dogs & Cats

At Central Animal Emergency Clinic, we're equipped with a cutting-edge veterinary laboratory that allows us to provide comprehensive diagnostic services for your pets. Our in-house lab in Coquitlam ensures prompt and precise diagnosis of various medical conditions, enabling us to tailor treatment plans specifically for your dog or cat's needs.

With capabilities ranging from detailed blood work and fecal exams to advanced imaging like vet X-rays, we're committed to offering the highest standard of care and diagnostic accuracy for your pets.

On-Site Diagnostic Testing

Our on-site testing capabilities at Central Animal Emergency Clinic play a pivotal role in the quick diagnosis and treatment of your pets.

By conducting essential diagnostic tests directly in our Coquitlam vet clinic, we can rapidly identify health issues, from common to complex conditions. This immediate access to results means we can start your pet on the path to recovery much sooner, often within the same visit.

Our Diagnostic Services

Blood Tests for Dogs & Cats

Blood tests are a critical first step in diagnosing emergencies in dogs and cats, offering rapid insights into your pet's condition.

Our veterinary lab in Coquitlam is equipped to perform urgent blood work, identifying life-threatening conditions such as poisoning, anemia, or infections.

This immediate analysis allows us to act quickly, initiating targeted treatments to stabilize your pet.

Urinalysis for Urgent Pet Care

In emergency scenarios, urinalysis provides essential information about your pet's kidney and bladder health, crucial for dogs and cats experiencing urinary distress.

Our Coquitlam vet lab swiftly conducts these analyses to detect infections, crystals, or signs of kidney disease, enabling prompt and appropriate intervention to alleviate your pet's discomfort and address underlying health issues.

Radiography & Vet X-rays

Radiography, or X-rays, is an invaluable tool in our emergency vet clinic for quickly diagnosing issues within your pet's body that are not visible from the outside.

This non-invasive technique is crucial for identifying fractures, obstructions, or organ enlargement in both dogs and cats.

Our Coquitlam ER animal hospital advanced digital X-ray equipment allows for immediate imaging, enabling our emergency team to assess your pet's condition and start necessary treatments without delay.

Vet Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound is a powerful, non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows for real-time imaging of your pet's internal organs. This technology is invaluable in emergency situations where quick assessment is crucial.

Conditions such as abdominal pain, heart issues, or internal bleeding in dogs and cats can be efficiently evaluated using ultrasound. Our Coquitlam emergency vet clinic is equipped with advanced ultrasound technology to swiftly gather essential data.

The ability to utilize ultrasound means our veterinarians can quickly make informed decisions, initiating lifesaving treatments for your pet without delay.

Veterinary Animal Endoscopy

Endoscopy provides a direct view inside your pet's body, allowing for immediate investigation of symptoms like severe gastrointestinal distress, respiratory issues, or internal bleeding.

This minimally invasive procedure is invaluable in emergencies, offering our Coquitlam emergency vet team the ability to diagnose and sometimes even treat conditions on the spot.

Endoscopy can be a lifesaver for dogs and cats, helping to identify foreign objects, tumors, or ulcers without the need for more invasive surgical procedures.

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